Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Breaking News: Repar will run for County Commissioner in District #2

I am running for county commissioner in District #2, as a Democrat.  (I think the county commissioner office should be non-partisan, but that's not the way the system works.)  I believe that our county is on the brink of great opportunities and I would like to be a part of setting our 21st century agenda.  If we want to change our future, we have to stop voting for the past.  We are in for some tough times but we can get through them, all together, if we look to the past and learn from it.  I hope we have a vigorous discussion about the future of our county and its citizens in the coming election season.  I will be posting a more detailed memo on the subject, in the near future.

If any one would like to help my campaign for commissioner, please contact me at 509.427.7153.

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